Child shot outside Oakland church


The most recent shooting was at the corner of 78th and International - where a man was shot in the back. He is in critical condition and no arrests have been made.

Police have also not found the gunman responsible for shooting a 13-year-old boy Monday night. The 13-year-old was shot in the ankle when he came out of St. Anthony's Church at about 8:30 pm - he is expected to be ok. He was attending a memorial service when he was hit. The memorial service was in honor of another teenager who was shot - 15-year-old Jose Luis Buenrostro, who was killed by Oakland Police Officers last week, after he allegedly pointed a sawed off shotgun at them.

"Anytime there's a memorial, funeral or a big group of people, there's an opportunity for rival gangs to come and make their presence known and retaliate against another gang. And that's what happened here. It looks like there was a large group of people closely affiliated, and another group of people that are members of a different gang who saw an opportunity," said Sergeant David Cronin from the Oakland Police Department.

A crowd of people were starting to leave the memorial service at St. Anthony's Church, when all of a sudden gunfire broke out. As many as ten shots may have been fired. The 13-year-old boy was apparently the only one who got hurt. He was shot in the ankle and was taken to Highland Hospital.

Police say the gunmen were driving by in two separate cars and sprayed the crowd with about 10 bullets. As soon as the shots were fired, everyone began to run back inside the church for protection. Police believe they may have recovered the suspects' car, which was found about four blocks away.

Buenrostro's parents canceled his funeral that was scheduled for today.

There have been a total of four shootings since early Monday afternoon. Nobody was killed in any of the shootings but two of the victims were juveniles and no arrests have been made in any of them.

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