NFL Hopeful Awaits Draft

4/26/2008 Fresno, CA "I'm kind of an in-between guy, says Tyler Clutts. Maybe a step slower or not as big as a prototypical NFL linebacker."

Because he might not be exactly what the NFL looks for in a linebacker or blitzer off the end this former high school quarterback turned defensive end is hoping to attract pro scouts with his willingness and ability to play multiple positions and special teams.

"He can play blocking back, fullback, he's got great hands and he can be a long snapper in the league, says personal trainer Tom Fries. You play in the NFL for five years and you're making a million dollars."

For this All-WAC defensive standout playing offense at the next level might not be that much of a reach. At Clovis High, Clutts led the Cougars to a Valley Title while playing quarterback with a linebacker mentally, Usually delivering more of the punishment than he received.

"I told him he should bust out some of his high school films to show the scouts," Fries says.

Clutts chuckles and says, "I'm just trying to make the NFL doing whatever I can. I want to be as versatile as possible. Playing different positions can only increase my odds of making a team and showing them what I can do."

Spend any time with Clutts during one of his daily workouts and you'll understand why he's not ready to give up on his dream of joining the play for pay ranks.

"Its nerve racking not knowing what the future holds for me. But I think I got a lot of football still left in me and I'm not ready to give up. I want to keep playing."

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