A Church Leader Isn't Welcome

4/29/2008 Fresno, CA The visit comes after a lawsuit was filed against Fresno's Episcopal Bishop who has broken away to join the Anglican Diocese.

Bishop John-David Schofield said he expected legal action after his bitter break last year from the Episcopal Church. Schofield said Episcopal leaders are still fuming over his exit from the church.

He broke away in a dispute over allowing gays and women in leadership positions. Schofield said what the church is doing is illegal and he is saddened by the latest move. "Their behavior has been less than honorable. And you expect more from the church, don't you? I expect Christians to behave like Christians but somehow rather this is all set aside in favor of grabbing property, grabbing money, grabbing power," said Schofield.

Bishop Schofield said the church refused his resignation and tried to depose him, but didn't have the votes. The Episcopal Church claims in the suit, Schofield is no longer the bishop and has refused to turn over Diocese property.

Schofield said there are no church laws which govern splits like this one and he insists he is still the bishop.

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