Immigration Day

May 1, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Thousands of people across the nation take part in marches for immigration reform. Thursday May 1st marks the third anniversary of immigration day in the United States.Pro-immigrant groups across the country took part in demonstrations against deportations and in support of comprehensive immigration reform from Detroit to Chicago.

The groups are tying the day to the traditional May Day, which is used to celebrate spring or the working people, and is often used for civil protest.

In many countries, May Day is called International Workers Day. Immigration activists will also march in the valley.

A march is planned in Fresno this evening. Like last year, hundreds of people are expected to gather in downtown Fresno to call for immigration rights.

The demonstrators hope to revive the issue that once divided the country.

Marchers are expected to gather at the Fulton Mall around 3:00 Thursday afternoon and begin marching at 6 pm. Fresno police officers will be controlling traffic and any street closures during the march.

The route passes city hall, the federal courthouse, and the immigration office before going back to the Fulton Mall by around 7 pm.