Fresno Car Show Goes Green

June 28, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Bad air weighed heavy on the minds of the people hosting a car show at Manchester Center Saturday.They held a green car show, showing off pretty cool cars and trucks that actually get really good gas mileage. That includes an F-Cell Mercedes that uses compressed hydrogen for fuel as well as cruisers, low riders, and even racing cars.

But the new cars weren't the only focus. Organizers wanted to let people know how to make their old cars run cleaner too.

Micheal Bolten, California Consumer Affairs, says "On a day like this, with the air as bad as it is, absolutely. It really stresses the importance of people keeping cars well maintained and doing what's necessary to keep the air clean."

Some of their simple suggestions to save gas and prevent pollution include learning how to keep the right air pressure in your tires, and keeping your engine oil clean.