Garza Family Proud of Matt's MVP Performance in ALCS

Fresno, CA, USA Members of the Garza family of Easton expect to join Matt at the fall classic. His mother Luz Garza hasn't stopped smiling since Sunday night when Matt nailed down the MVP award with a nine-strikeout performance.

Luz is an MVP as well, as in mother, very proud. She said, "Unbelievable. You don't ever think your child is gonna make it. That was Matthew's dream and he made it. We're happy for him. We're proud of him."

Luz wears lucky bracelets given to her by her husband Rudy and her future daughter-in-law. Rudy is at Camp Roberts training for another tour of duty in Afghanistan.

They didn't talk on the phone until game seven was over. Luz Garza said "Then when Matthew got MVP he said did you see that? We had tears. We had no idea he was going to get MVP."

At Washington Union high school in Easton athletic director Jeff Cardoza recalled Garza's development as an athlete. Cardoza said "Just a great leader on the campus. We knew he was gonna be a great multi-sport athlete for us. Little did you know he was going to make it to where he is now."

Garza still spends the off-season in the valley. Cardoza said "He has access to the field. He has his own key to the field so in the off-season he can come here and work out."

That kind of focus has helped Matt Garza lead the Tampa Bay Rays into the World Series. After being awarded the MVP trophy Matt said, "As a kid you always dreamed about game seven of the World Series. This was game seven of the ALCS but shoot I'll take it."

Matt's mother said "I can't believe he's there. It's something I've never thought he'd do, be on TV or even playing ball. It was all a dream." And now a dream come true. Matt Garza graduated from Washington Union in 2002 and was drafted out of Fresno State in 2005.

Luz Garza said she didn't call her son Saturday or Sunday because she was stressed out and didn't want "Matthew" to feel her stress.


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