Boosting Clovis Sales

Clovis, CA, USA Pat Holladay brought her shopping receipts. Spending 104 dollars, Holladay earned 10 tickets. Each ticket is dropped in a box at Sierra Vista Mall and makes her eligible to win a prize. Gas stations, grocery stores- Shoppers can buy at all retail stores within the City of Clovis to participate in the drawing.

Paul Bentacourt went outside the mall to spend most of his money. Bentacourt said, "We had a 150 from outside stores, and about a 100 from within the mall, so a really good idea to bring business to Clovis."

It is called "Big Wins Day". Shawn Miller works for the City of Clovis. Miller said, "We got almost a 100,000 people living in the City of Clovis. So if every single resident of the city spends $10, we got a million dollars."

There's no way to know for certain if Clovis sees a sales boost. Store manager Sandra Bernier called Wednesday a big win- her Payless Shoe Store saw a 10-percent increase in purchases. Bernier said, "This is make it or your not. So, we are striving for a good Christmas. I'm on a good role, so I am going to make it."

If you haven't shopped Wednesday, you still have time. At 7:30 pm a drawing will be held at the Sierra Vista Mall to give away nearly 30 prizes. The latest to submit your receipts for tickets is 7:15 pm.


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