Widening Investigation into Former Teacher

Fresno, CA, USA Investigators say Malcolm admitted to molesting several of his students. The district attorneys office has not filed charges against the former teacher. But a search warrant details very serious allegations.

Music classes in room 17 used to be taught by Jonathan Malcolm. Students called the man very popular. But graphic details are listed in an eight page search warrant. In the document, investigators say they interviewed Malcolm the day he was arrested in late January, "Suspect Malcolm admitted to other incidents and crimes to several of his minor female students. Suspect Malcolm admitted having a sexual relationship with another of his students ...who was 17 years old at the time." That girl is called victim number three. Investigators also stated they interviewed the girl who is now in college, "...she and Malcolm began talking informally before and after school. They would talk face to face for long periods of time after performances, sometimes as late as 1AM. Victim #3 stated that it started to feel like she was talking to one of her friends or someone her own age instead of an older teacher."

A YouTube video shows Malcolm instructing his music students at a concert. Previous court documents also accused the former teacher of emailing lewd material to another female student. The school's principal held a press conference in January. On Thursday, James Bushman said over the phone, "As a school, we've moved on and we believe in the investigators. I've got a school and students to educate ... And that's what I'm focused on. I don't want to comment about the investigation."

Defense Attorney Roger Nuttall represents Malcolm. He declined to comment. But Malcolm is expected to plead not guilty if and when the district attorneys office files charges.

The DA's office is still reviewing the case. Macolm was fired shortly after being arrest. He remains out of custody.


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