Sight Seeing: Blog Awards

Fresno Its a grab-bag of award winning blogs.

It's the award few have heard about with nominees that grow famous by the click., has just posted a list of their picks for the best blogs.

Just scrolling thru the categories is proof- positive of the web's growing reach. The bloggies showcase everything from best gossip blog to the best Latin American one. You've probably heard of some of the winners and nominees like Perez Hilton or the Huffington post.

Others are really different-- if not outright strange-- like this one: which won for best food blog. The site said it's the place that highlights when professional cakes go horribly wrong. There's nothing more uncomfortable than asking for a job referral after you resigned impulsively via an "I quit" cake.

Another interesting read, follows the trips of a San Francisco writer named Kristen who has visited about 60 countries and has the photos to prove it. As for the winner, It's, a blog that tells the tale of a self- described spoiled city girl who now lives on the ranch.

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