Mr. Food: Egg Salad Week

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The week after Easter is now being called "Egg Salad Week." I doubt it's an official holiday, but we've just decorated hard-boiled eggs for Easter or will be using them as part of Passover celebrations, so we're sure to have stocked up!

If you think it's wasteful to throw out decorated hard-boiled Easter eggs once the festivities are over, think again. Food safety comes first, and we should never eat an egg that's been out of the fridge for more than 2 hours. So, if eggs have sat out in Easter baskets, were used for an egg hunt and/or are cracked, toss them out!

With eggs being so reasonably priced, it pays to stock up. And if you're an egg salad fan, all you need to do is chop your peeled, hard-boiled eggs and mix them with some mayonnaise. Of course, for a change of pace, you can use some sour cream or even a bottled creamy salad dressing! And, for color, go ahead and add in some chopped chives or parsley then season it with some herbs or spices – and you're done!

You can serve up your egg salad any way you'd like: In sandwiches (this is the traditional way), maybe with a different type of bread or in a wrap Scooped over salad greens Stuffed inside a tomato or other hearty vegetable

Egg salad isn't revolutionary, but it's still a favorite. Have fun getting creative and celebrating Egg Salad Week. Hard-boiled eggs are so versatile, they make for lots of easy ways to say...

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