Parents Call for Middle School in Southwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. The Golden Westside Planning Committee held a community forum Saturday where parents and students both spoke about the need for a new middle school. Currently, students in Fresno Unified are bused to middle schools in other parts of Fresno because the only middle school on the Westside closed decades ago.

For those in attendance Saturday, that's unacceptable.

"It takes away part of the education. They're over there and then they get back on this side of town and late. We just feel it disrupts the education process, said Debbie Darden with the Golden Westside Planning Committee.

"We want to see our kids succeed right where they live at. Because we can build a better community. We can come together as parents," said parent Vicki Alberty.

The parents and community members are planning to attend Wednesday's school board meeting to voice their concerns to school board members.

Saturday, the district responded to their complaints in a statement to Action News. The district agreed a middle school is needed and outlined work underway to make it a reality.

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