Just dance. Or not. Viral video has tapped off debate

FRESNO, Calif. In dance studios everywhere young girls and boys are learning how to perform and take on responsibility. Several parents we spoke to are worried some of these kids could be dancing to the wrong tune.

A catchy beat and Grammy winning vocals from pop singer Beyonce fuel this dance routine featured on YouTube. But it's who's dancing and how they're dancing that's catching parents eyes everywhere and here in the Central Valley.

"That is not dance. To a real dancer that is not dance," said Terry Clark.

Shelly Coleman said: "If the kids don't know what it means then it doesn't really matter. And I don't think that's the case. I think that they don't have to know what it means it's still not appropriate."

This video features the Orange County troupe Precision Dance. In it 8 and 9-year-old girls dressed in provocative outfits performing in a dance competition.

At Terry Clark dance center in Southeast Fresno these young girls are required to follow a dress code in class and do not perform certain moves on stage ... something parents appreciate.

Coleman: "Kids are going to be covered up. They're not going to be doing dance moves that I'm going to be embarrassed to have other parents see or grandparents see."

Al La Torraca said: "We as parents, in bringing up our children, we have to show them what modesty is."

During an interview on Good Morning America a parent of one of the dancers featured in the video defended the dress and choreography.

Melissa Prech said: "These girls are performing at a dance competition. And they weren't performing for a worldwide audience and so its been taken out of context."

Meanwhile Terry Clark is preparing her kids for a show in June and life off the stage.

Clark: "It's up to the parents but if you're going to be a parent that wants their child to come up correctly you know what's appropriate for your kids."

Clark said she too has choreographed a dance to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' but it was for her adult class. Starting Saturday the competition Precision Dance troupe was performing in will be in Fresno performing at the Saroyan.

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