Phillip Woodley sentenced to life for murder of father and stepmother

FRESNO, Calif.

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While some family members are calling the sentencing closure, others believe he's innocent and said their fight isn't over yet. "He was wrongfully convicted. That's the main thing. He was wrongfully convicted and we're not going to give up hope," said Marina Jimenez, Phillip Woodley's stepdaughter.

Jimenez and her mother were absent as Phillip Woodley's other family members lashed out at the man convicted of killing their father and his wife. "What makes this all so much harder is you are my brother. Not even what you did can change that," said Woodley's sister, Joyce Arriola.

The victim impact statements were briefly interrupted by a power outage, an eerie moment during the emotional hearing. Five years after the murders, family members are still filled with anger and a void they said will never be filled. "The once happy memories of my Nana and Papa are now tarnished by what he has done," said Chris Gonzales, the victims' grandson.

Woodley wrote a letter to the court but decided not to read it during his sentencing. He also asked his wife and stepdaughter not to attend. "All day today it had me sick to my stomach. We want to be there to support him," said Jimenez.

Jimenez believes another man is responsible for the couple's deaths. Jeffrey Rancour has already been sentenced for his involvement in the crimes after testifying against Phillip Woodley. "They spoke publicly against him and they never had the pleasure of knowing him as we did. They had so much hate in their hearts because of this case and they didn't know him the way we know him," said Jimenez.

The conviction and murders have left the family forever torn. Those in court Monday said the two life sentences are nothing compared to what they go through daily. "Words can't describe what we went through. This man does not deserve to live another day, at all," said Gonzales.

Family members in the courtroom said they believe the power outage was a sign from Roy and Angie Woodley. Meanwhile, Woodley's attorney has already started the appeal process.

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