Warrants reveal details of Merced teacher's murder

MERCED, California

Diane Romero's husband Rudy pleaded not guilty to killing her. Late Thursday afternoon, Action News obtained search warrants from the couple's home, where she was found dead.

The search warrants we obtained from the court give chilling new details that have not been released until now.

A Merced Police detective requested these warrants to search the home of Diane and Rudy Romero, where Diane's body was found two weeks ago.

In the documents, the detective says one of the couple's sons called 9-1-1 to say he thought his mom was dead. The officer writes, quote, "The child heard a dog barking inside his parent's room. When opening the parent's room door, he saw blood on the pillow, then saw his mother in the back in the swimming pool."

The detective says when he got to the home; he learned there was a man unresponsive on the back patio, a woman dead in the pool, and a knife visible at the bottom of the pool. He says there was no sign of forced entry, but there were signs of a struggle on the bed.

Action News obtained the search warrants just hours after Rudy Romero pleaded not guilty to murder charges. Police say he stabbed his wife to death.

The 41-year-old also had stab wounds when officers arrived at his home, but investigators have not said whether those injuries were self-inflicted.

Prosecutors tell us the couple was contemplating a divorce at the time of Diane's murder.

These search warrants also give a long list of items police recovered from the home. They include several knives and hair and blood samples. Rudy Romero is scheduled to be back in court next month.

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