Basketball game in Kings County creating a buzz


The Hanford High girls varsity team won a two day holiday tournament Friday and along the way beat rival Kingsburg High by a hundred points!

The Hanford girls varsity basketball team is hoping to compete for a state championship this year.

The Bullpups took to the court Friday night -- just one day removed from a shocking 103-3 victory over Kingsburg.

"I think that's the first time I've been part of winning, actually winning by 100 points. Didn't even realize we did it until the Hanford Sentinel guy mentioned it to me." said Hanford girls basketball coach Tom Parrish.

Players and parents from the other teams in action at this holiday tournament say Parrish and his Hanford squad executed their game plan to perfection.

"Last night he pressed like you would expect him to. For about four and a half, five minutes. And then he pulled his girls off and didn't pick them up until half court." said Central Valley Christian parent Kent McNece.

"It was pretty embarrassing for the other team but you have to admire good players and good athletes." said Corcoran basketball player Nicole Lindsey.

Scoring 100 points is nothing new for a Tom Parrish coached team. In fact Hanford eclipsed the century mark eight times last season.

The perennial powerhouse is no stranger to putting up points seemingly at will, but holding their opponents to just three points even has Vikings head coach Nick Harrell praising his counterpart.

"Tom Parrish to me is a quality coach. He could have killed us probably, who knows what to what.

But we're just an inexperienced team. Young team and unfortunately for them they had to play us because they're not really getting anywhere with all that." said Harrell.

Some critics may question whether or not poor sportsmanship took place on the hardwood that night. But Parrish believes he did all he could to have his players play the right way.

"When I'm sitting there I'm not thinking about the score. I see it and I'm trying to figure out how to slow things down a little bit. But trust me we don't care. As long as we win and that's what we're after." added Parrish.

The pups will play in a couple more holiday tournaments before opening league play next month.

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