New Year's celebrations around the world

FRESNO, Calif.

Friday's fireworks show is said to have been the biggest since the Millennium celebration in 2000.

Other cities are gearing up for fireworks shows to ring in the New Year -- including Hong Kong, Seoul and London. One of the biggest New Year's celebrations will be in New York City's Times Square. Up to one million people are expected to turn out for the annual tradition Friday night.

But behind the scenes the New York City Police Department is gearing up for a massive security operation. Crowds in Times Square will be placed behind barriers.

Every person will also go through both metal and radiation detectors. And backpacks are banned.

"It's a big complex operation. And you know, you always breathe a sigh of relief when it's over," Ray Kelly said.

Here's a live picture now of Times Square. Other security precautions in place Friday night include placing cars on side streets to prevent car bombs.

Manhole covers have also been sealed. And armed police officers will be on rooftops.

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