Family and friends pray for Juliani's safe return

FRESNO, Calif.

Divers did not find them in the canal.

Authorities are looking for 27-year-old Jose Rodriguez. They say he snatched Juliani from his grandmother on January 18.

A Fresno based tow truck company pulled out another car Saturday afternoon. That brings the total to 16 since the search for Juliani Cardenas began. And still no signs of the 4-year-old or his accused abductor Jose Rodriguez.

Dive teams resumed the search for the bodies deep in the Delta-Mendota Canal Saturday.

The suspect's car had already been pulled out the night before with its two windows rolled down and no one inside.

"The goal of the divers today to go into the water was to see if there were any obstructions that could possibly have the bodies trapped in that siphon if they were still there," Deputy Rajinder Singh said.

Divers failed to find a body.

Action Towing out of Fresno ended up pulling out another stolen vehicle.

Jordan Fickett braved the frigid waters and strong currents in the canal. "It's dark in there. It's a little cold, can't see much. The waters murky there almost no visibility so you just kind of gotta feel around, go down there hopefully find your target."

Dive teams halted their search just after 2 p.m.

And with no sign of 4-year-old Juliani Cardenas or his suspected kidnapper Jose Rodriguez in sight --Stanislaus County sheriff investigators are looking for ground and aerial support from other local law enforcement agencies.

"They're going to be starting wherever it starts in their jurisdiction, drive until it ends in their jurisdiction and basically looking into the water to see if there's any victims or bodies that might come up or get caught up in any gates or anything like that."

Investigators say the search for the two bodies in this particular is now over. Dive crews will not be back Sunday. Instead they will be focusing downstream for the bodies -- possibly all the way down to Mendota.

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