Two Fresno students hit by a car while crossing the street

FRESNO, Calif.

A car hit the five and nine year old, around eight o'clock Thursday morning, near Williams Elementary School on Fruit and Dakota. Both girls suffered minor injuries.

Police say, they're at fault because they were jay-walking. The two girls live in the apartment complex directly across from the school.

They say, they use this crosswalk every day, on their way to and from campus. But, Thursday morning, the crosswalk was blocked by a city contracted construction crew.

The crash left nine-year-old Tabitha Jacob too sore to stand and with cuts and bruises all over her body.

Tabitha Jacob said, "I just got hit by a white van and remember jumping in front of my friend to protect her."

The car hit Tabitha, and her five year old friend, while they made the 50 foot journey from their apartment complex, to Williams Elementary School across the street.

Tabitha says they normally use the crosswalk, but on this particular morning, that wasn't an option.

Reporter: "Why did you guys not use the crosswalk?"

Tabitha: "Because it was closed."

Tabitha's brother says he took these pictures right after the crash. A construction crew is blocking the shoulder, and a sign clearly states, the sidewalk is closed, giving Tabitha and her friend no clear path to the crosswalk.

We showed the images to Fresno's Public Works Director, Patrick Wiemiller. "The contractor was working with the appropriate approved vehicle plan and pedestrian plan that provided for alternative routes around the area. There were also crossing guards in the area at the time."

In other words, he says, the city's contracted crew did nothing wrong. Fresno Police agree.

Lt. Burke Farrah said, "The driver was very cooperative with us at the scene and our preliminary investigation indicates that the kids were at fault for trying to cross a very busy street a hundred feet from the crosswalk."

But, Tabitha's mom isn't convinced. She wants the city to take responsibility, and drivers to slow down.

Laura Remington-Jacob said, "And I'm just concerned because you know, my daughter got hit along with another little child today. How many other children are gonna get hurt before something happens."

District officials say the crosswalk was functional and there was a crossing guard. They did however; send an automated message to parents about the crash, as a reminder to speak to their kids.

As for the five year old girl who was hit, she is recovering at home with cuts and bruises.

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