Former Tulare bank manager gets 4 year prison sentence


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Action News had the only crew in the courtroom as a judge ordered /*Jeri Sell*/ to serve prison time and pay $800 thousand in restitution.

Her husband, children and friends watched as a sheriff's deputy led her way to begin her sentence.

Prosecutors said sell forged customer's signatures, manipulated bank records, and blamed account irregularities on others... all to feed a gambling habit.

David Brager said, "She even stole money from two of her then closest friends in one instance a week after attending a funeral of the customer. She stole from the family knowing they were dealing with the death of a loved one and unexpected to state taxes."

Sell was once named "Tulare County Woman of the Year" in two months, a judge will determine whether she should pay another half a million dollars to cover the bank's legal fees.

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