Fresno's former mayor Jim Patterson has a new gig

FRESNO, Calif.

Patterson and Pastor Jim Franklin of Cornerstone Church will soon be on the air with Fresno's Christian Talk Radio.

Jim Patterson and Jim Franklin cut their radio teeth on the air when they were just teenagers. The on-air bug hasn't left either one since. Patterson owned Fresno's KIRV - a Christian radio station, until 12 years ago. More recently he has filled in for Ray Appleton on KMJ Radio.

After starting out on the radio, Franklin moved to the ministry. But he's back on the air with his own radio program on KMJ, which is now syndicated throughout California. The two Jims decided the time was right to start up Fresno's Christian Talk Radio.

"Now is the time to do it," said Franklin. "We're not looking at this as a business, although it is. It really is an opportunity to serve the community with a message of hope, a message of direction and strength - especially during this time of economic crisis."

Jim Patterson said, "We're upgrading the technical, we're renovating the studios, so that when September one comes and we turn it on, we'll be a clear strong voice for the principles and ideals that we believe in."

Christian Talk Radio is a 10 thousand watt station broadcasting from Merced to Porterville.

Franklin and Patterson will both have their own talk shows Monday through Friday, along with other nationally known Christian commentators. The programs will cover social, political and economic issues from a Christian perspective.

Action News asked Patterson if this radio venture could boost another political run.

Patterson replied, "I'll never say never, but right now, my focus is on launching this radio station with Jim and with others."

Patterson and Franklin have two other partners, more silent partners, retired Fresno County Superior Court Judge Annette La Rue, and Al Perez, who owns two other stations.

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