Would you get medical care at Walmart?

FRESNO, Calif.

Walmart has indicated that more medical services may be coming to a store near you. Some health services can already be found in some Walmart across the country. Patients can get flu shots, vaccines, blood sugar tests and routine screening and preventive services for many common ailments.

Now Walmart is considering expanding those services to include managing and monitoring patients with health issues such as diabetes, hiv, asthma and other complicated, chronic conditions.

In its search for prospective partners, the retailer is asking firms to outline their expertise on a wide range of issues and their strategies for overseeing patient care.

Walmart is well established in the prescription drug market with its low-cost pharmacy and its selective discount generic drug offer of just $4.00 for a month's supply.

Some analysts say that the expanded health care services may be a way for Walmart to increase shoppers and sales in their stores.

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