Dinuba's Bari Olive Oil will be used at the Golden Globes

FRESNO, Calif.

The dinner will be featuring olive oil made in the Valley at "Bari Olive Oil Company" in Dinuba.

The Beverly Hilton's executive chef for the 68th Annual Golden Globes chose "Bari Olive Oil" to be used on the main dish.

Ingredients from all over the world, including Asia and Europe, were chosen for the entrees and Bari Olive Oil president, Kyle Sawatzky, is thrilled that his product was picked for the event.

"It's kind of neat," said Kyle Sawatzky. "One of the things, we never realized when we uh got going in the olive oil industry that'd we have as many doors opened to us as we have and the people we've had a chance to rub shoulders with has been a lot of fun."

After the award show, Sawatzky will be headed to San Francisco where he will display his olive oil at a Fancy Food Show for three days.

Then he is headed to the Sundance Film Festival where he will be promoting his product to some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

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