A mid-air miracle

FRESNO, Calif.

Both mother and baby are doing well. They're in a hospital in Senegal -- a country on the West African Coast.

Greg Idoni's son is just over a week old now. He'll be home, in Fresno, in just a few days. "I'm happy, it's going to take me in a new and good direction. So I think God has a plan.".

Idoni has been a father for nearly two weeks, but pictures are all he has seen of his son, Ebosalume. The name means "what God did for me."

"I don't know, I guess I just want to experience what other people experience, feel it," said Idoni, but the pictures have already brought him the joy of being a father, "When I look at the picture I see innocence and purity in that little baby. I say wow this baby is pure, he doesn't know what's going on right now -- or maybe he does."

Just a few hours into a 12 hour Delta flight from Africa to Atlanta, a woman on that plane reported hearing another woman screaming in pain. The screaming woman was Katherine Oyedoh, Idoni's fiancee. She was in labor -- about three weeks early.

With the help of the flight crew and an OB/GYN, who just happened to be on the plane, Oyedoh gave birth to Ebosalume thirty minutes later.

Idoni's cell phone rang, once the plane landed. "I could talk to my fiancee and I heard the baby try to say something. 'Waa waa,' I said, 'I think he's trying to say daddy.'"

Diapers, toys, and blankets are now filling the spare room in Inodi's house as he gets ready to start anew with his growing family. "I feel grateful to God. Not just to God, but to the people that god had in place for them."

Once the family is together next week, Idoni has to petition for his son's U.S. citizenship. To do that, he says he'll need a certificate from Delta saying his son was born mid-flight over the ocean.

For now though, the baby is technically a citizen of Senegal. The mother is a Nigerian citizen and dad is a U.S. citizen.

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