Mitt Romney is coming to the Central Valley

FRESNO, California

ABC30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi says the visit is historical. "Obviously, this will be the largest fundraiser in the Valley ever. I think Romney will take a lot of money away here. And there is money here. Agriculture is very important to our economy, agribusiness is big in the area and if they support a candidate, and they get behind a candidate, they will put up the money."

Romney's campaign would not confirm the Valley visit, only that the republican candidate will be in the Golden State next week campaigning and attending many public and private events.

"Governor Romney is looking forward to being in California next week," Sarah Pompei said. "He will be in San Diego on Monday and could be seen throughout the state around the state a little bit more throughout the week."

The last big money making visit was by George W Bush in October of 2003. He raised about $750 thousand at a dinner at Downtown Fresno's Convention Center.

Last year Romney visited the Valley twice. In September, a Fresno couple held a fundraising breakfast where he raised $140 thousand. Guests paid $500.00 a person. Less than a month later, he returned to Clovis, for a fundraising dinner. The cost was also $500.00 each.

The backdrop for Romney's third visit to the Valley will include the serene setting of the Kings River and golden foothills at the estate of John Harris.

Harris declined to comment Friday about the private event. Although the guest list is not being revealed, several people who spoke to Action News said they plan to attend.

Capozzi says the fact that Valley conservatives are also frustrated with President Obama, makes this a great place for Romney to pick up support, despite the fact California is a democratic state. "They're not happy with Obama. There's the water problems and they are hoping Romney will do something, employment problems. All of the problems that exist with people throughout the Valley."

President Obama has not visited the Valley, but he is attending similar private events in northern and southern California. At many of those events guests are paying about $32 thousand dollars a person.

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