Valley residents bracing for hot weekend

FRESNO, Calif.

City officials in Fresno monitor the temperature from the National Weather Service.

When it spikes over a 105 there's a place you can go that's free to beat the heat.

"My daughter gets really, really hot really easily, so that's why we try and come to the park and just try to keep cool as much as we can," Melissa Baca from Fresno said.

At Fig Garden Loop Park, Melissa Baca, her daughter Eva and baby boy Matthew were looking for shade and water to stay cool.

"When it's really really hot I like to go swimming and it makes me really really happy because I like to be in the water," Eva Diaz said.

Although it isn't your typical pool, for Eva it'll do.

"I don't like sweat so I don't like when I sweat a lot," Diaz said.

City officials in Fresno are now monitoring the temperature over the coming days to ensure Valley families have another option to chill out.

"If you are opressed by the heat there are places you can go to get relief from the heat," Heather Heinks of the City of Fresno said.

There are 15 cooling community centers in Fresno. The centers open up for extended hours when temperatures rises above 105.

"Go to those facilities now, do find the one in your neighborhood, get familiar with it so when the heat wave does set in you know where you're headed," Heinks said.

Those air-conditioned community centers are open to the public Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m., but hours are extended during a heat wave.

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