Hanford business owners picking up the pieces after fire

FRESNO, Calif.

The Vendome Hotel will likely have to be torn down because of the damage from Monday's fire. Six businesses lost their store fronts in the fire.

But a group called Main Street Hanford is trying to help out.

No one is allowed into the building and you can still see many of the items that were destroyed inside those shops.

The six business owners are able to apply for financial assistance from Main Street Hanford to find a new space to re-open their stores.

They will only receive that help if they keep their stores in downtown Hanford.

Steve Banister, a Main Street Hanford board member, says a lot of people, both downtown business owners and the public, have expressed a desire to help out.

"Hanford is a great community and we're always ready to come together, and I think this showcases the spirit of our downtown," Banister said. "We have a very vibrant downtown with lots of great history buildings. That Vendome Hotel was one of the historic buildings that we lost, and that was tragic. But we're trying to make the best of a bad situation

The Vendome Hotel building was destroyed early Monday Morning by a fire that burned for more than six hours.

Banister says the building, and the businesses it housed, are very important fixtures in downtown Hanford, which is why so many here are trying to help the shop owners.

The building dates back to the 1800s.

Action News also talked with a few businesses that are open down the street. They say many shops in the area have offered to temporarily share space with the people who lost their store fronts.


If you would like to help businesses affected by the fire, an account has been set up:
Vendome Hotel Business Relocation Fund
218 N. Douty St.

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