Retiring and staying retired not always easy

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno's John Liles thought retirement would be as easy as pie. Instead, at the age of 73 he finds himself making pie.

John and his wife Sherry started a new food truck business, Summertime Pies, after they realized they were running out of retirement money.

"We didn't go out to dinner, we didn't do anything. We can't do that b/c we have to pay the utility bills, all that stuff, phone bills, diesel bills, car insurance," John Liles said.

From the Fulton Mall to Farmers Markets, they're making the rounds with food truck operators half their age.

If you pictured your retirement as sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the view, the new reality is more and more Americans over the age of 60 are postponing their retirement or going back to work.

Financial planner Sandy Brown says he's not surprised at a government report saying that by 2014 the number of older workers and retirees going back to work will have increased by as much as 74 percent.

"People are doing this in retirement left and right. And a lot of it is due to the fact that they didn't really have a plan. It was a guesstimate," Brown said.

That guesstimate often doesn't include life changes. Like the Liles, who adopted a daughter in 1995.

Brown says it's important to consult a professional and reassess as the years pass.

"You want to continuously looking because times are changing, life is changing, the economy's changing," Brown said.

Once a plan's in place, make sure it's realistic and stick to it.

"You have to have a budget and you have to adhere to that budget. Hopefully you got a little wiggle room for unforeseen circumstances, but a budget is pivotal to that retirement," Brown said.

Finally he says, expect the unexpected, including medical problems.

The Liles say as long as their health holds up and customers keep lining up they'll keep serving up sweet treats.

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