'Dogs star Carr played hurt in 2012

FRESNO, Calif.

The last thing people have remembered of Derek was the beating he took at the Hawaii Bowl Christmas Eve.

On that day SMU defensive end Margus Hunt unloaded on the superstar signal caller.

Derek didn't make any excuses that night and took most if not all of the blame for the bowl game blowout.

Carr is now recovering from off-season surgery and is currently rehabbing that back. We're told he'll take things extra easy, of course there's no rush getting him back and risking another injury.

#4 was among the best in the nation in passing and led the 'Dogs to a share of the Mountain West title last season.

"I feel a lot better than during the season. I can actually sneeze and cough and not have to fall to the ground, so that's a lot better. I can throw a football with no pain right now. So that's great. You know we're taking it slow. You don't want anything to flare up or anything like that. So we're taking it slow, but I feel great." said Carr.

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