Selma and Dinuba families connected in tragedy

FRESNO, Calif.

The communities of Selma and Dinuba came together on Monday night, in a show of support for the two families.

All four victims were in one car, being driven by 24 year old Gilbert Guiba, who survived the accident. 16 year old twins, Amy and Linda Guiba, and their 19 year old brother Anthony died in the crash, as did Anthony's 21 year old girlfriend Gypsie Yanes.

Investigators say the driver who hit them was under the influence of alcohol when he slammed into their car.

Gilbert Guiba tells us, he has cuts, scrapes and bruises, but says the physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional hole in his heart.

Guiba was released from the hospital on Monday and returned to the site of the accident for the first time since the crash. He was driving back from a fishing and barbeque outing at Lost Lake, when the accident happened.

Rosalie Velasco, spoke to Action News about her cousin Gypsie Yanes. "It's a tragedy when four innocent young lives are lost due to people drinking and driving," said Velasco. "I just wish people would learn the responsibilities of drinking and not getting behind that wheel."

Velasco joined her family and friends at the crash site to remember the 21 year old who wanted to be a nurse and loved spending time with her niece and nephew. "Her little niece and nephew are gonna miss her so much," said Velasco. "My little cousin looks for her everyday, it's so hard for our family."

She says it joins her family and the Guiba family together in tragedy.

Gilbert says his twin sisters wanted to be surgeons, and had more friends than he could count. Those friends came together over candlelight, at the crash site.

Classmate Janet Zepeda said she'll miss, "Them always getting to know everyone, not being shy, saying hi to everyone their smiles- everyone will miss them."

Gilbert also says, he wants to thank everybody for "showing their support."

The driver who hit them is in critical condition at the hospital, his passenger is listed in serious condition.

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