Resources stretched thin as fires ignite around the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

So many fires broke out this past week firefighting resources are being stretched thin. Federal, state, and local crews are even getting a hand from southern California firefighters.

A stubborn fire along Highway 145 in Madera County has refused to go quietly. Dry grass and hay helped feed the fire which charred over 480 acres. Despite the intense flames crews on Monday moved closer to full containment.

For Fresno County Cal Fire crews, their responsibility didn't end with the hot spots here. "We started sending engines to fires that were happening in both Madera and Mariposa County. As we sent more and more resources, Tulare engines came to cover us. They basically stayed through the night and then now they're the day shift on those fire as our crews are resting," said Ryan Micheals, Cal Fire.

Michaels said about 90 firefighters have been on the move to fight different fires in the area -- including one in Easton over the weekend.

The fight to contain so many fires requires a great deal of cooperation. "Almost every fire department in the Valley or in the Fresno County area has had to respond and assist us on some of these significant incidents, that we're drawing 30 or 40 pieces of equipment," said Micheals.

In turn, fire engines from San Bernardino have come to the Valley to help fill the void. But if these fires spread, or more are sparked, more resources could be needed.

Crews are hopeful no new fires get started so they can get some rest. Cal Fire reminds everyone to be extra careful, because all it takes is a small spark to cause a major fire with our extremely dry conditions.

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