Opponents file motion to stop same-sex marriage

FRESNO, Calif.

Attorneys with the Arizona based "Alliance Defending Freedom" claim the 9th US Circuit Court of appeals acted prematurely and unfairly Friday, when it lifted a hold on same sex unions.

Couples are already tying the knot in several counties across the state. Many more are expected Monday morning.

"I really never thought that this day would come and, it's just a huge victory for the movement , for America," Johnny Chaillot a supporter of same-sex marriage said. "Everyone can be treated equally and fairly under the eyes of the law."

" It's really troubling that people can go to the all this effort to pass an initiative and then it's handed over to government officials and if they don't like it, they just refuse to enforce it," said Andrew Pugno from the General Counsel For protectmarriage.com.

Weddings have continued in San Francisco since the Supreme Court ruling. The Valley and Los Angeles will continue to offer marriage licenses to same-sex couples again, beginning Monday morning.

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