Central Valley Check Before you Burn Days begin

FRESNO, Calif.

"Those people that have a wood burning fire place need to start paying attention because on certain days, we're telling them they can't use that wood burning fireplace because you need we need to be mindful of air quality," Jaime Holt with the Valley Alley District said.

Holt said residents will need to check in each day to see if it is a burn or no burn day.

"There's lots of wood burning fireplaces and you can smell smoke that's actually pollution and its having an impact on individuals and respiratory health throughout the Valley," Holt said.

If you like the nostalgia and warmth of a wood burning fireplace, air officials say you do have options this season. You could get a gas fireplace and start it with the click of a button.

The air district has a burn cleaner incentive program to help residents switch from wood burning to gas device, changes that can help air quality.

"If you have an open fireplace you can put in an insert and that is exempt from no burn days and you can burn it all the time. Most companies, myself included, have heater rated gas inserts so they'll actually save you money on your utility bill," Agape Fireplaces owner Tom Bludau said.

Air inspectors will be out in the Valley this season to make sure residents follow the Check before You Burn days. First time violators could receive a $50 dollar ticket and fines go up from there.

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