Tulare man claims to have Marilyn Monroe, JFK, RFK sex tape

FRESNO, Calif.

The alleged racy 8mm film is said to be right here in the Central Valley. A last-minute payment of $200,000 on Monday is what kept that so-called sex tape from being sold at auction on Tuesday in Visalia.

These are bold claims of a president, his brother and a 1950's sex idol caught on film in a sexual encounter. But only one man so far is claiming to have seen what's on the film.

This could be one of the biggest sex scandals to date, if it's real. The sex icon of the 1950s and 60s, Marilyn Monroe, involved with former JFK and RFK in a racy home movie.

"I have seen the canister itself that holds the alleged tape, but I have not seen the tape itself," said Visalia-based attorney Ryan Sullivan.

He sued the man claiming to own the bombshell movie. He says William Castleberry is a collector with a terrible reputation for overselling rare items.

Sullivan's lawsuit against Castleberry was over a jade statue supposedly from the 1860s.

"My clients paid the money for it and ultimately discovered it was not 1860's nor was it jade, it was serpentine from the mid-1900s," Sullivan said. "They sued him on theory of breach of contract and fraud."

The $200,000 ruling was in favor of Sullivan's clients. Castleberry didn't answer the door at his home on Monday. A woman behind the front door said "no comment" when Action News asked about his claim of the film's authenticity.

"It's my understanding that no one else has ever seen it, maybe except for him and whoever made the tape," Sullivan said. "Nobody's aware of who that is. But yeah, to my knowledge nobody's actually seen it. It's always been Mr. Castleberry holding the canister, claiming it's the alleged tape of JFK and Marilyn Monroe. "

As you can imagine a Monroe/JFK/RFK home movie is picking up international attention and spreading quickly online. Everyone is wondering if the sex tape is real. And if it is, why is it still hidden?

"Well he claimed that if he ever got it back he would release it to the public, so I hope he does," Sullivan said.

If this so-called presidential sex tape made it to auction, anything made on it over the $200,000 owed as part of that lawsuit could have gone back to Castleberry.

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