Heated testimony in Kyle Pennington case

FRESNO, Calif.

At times, the questioning and testimony became heated between Kyle Pennington's attorney and the alleged victim.

Jurors heard the woman at the center of the case against Kyle Pennington talk to 9-1-1 operators last May.

During the first call she appears to be talking slowly and isn't providing clear information. But when she hangs up and the operator calls back, she explains why she doesn't want officers to show up after all.

Alleged victim: "My boyfriend is a cop, I don't want to get him into trouble."

The defense attorney questioned Pennington's former girlfriend about statements she is making for the first time during the trial, and why these details never came up before.

Marshall Hodgkins: "Were you scared of him at the point and time that you grabbed his gun?"

Alleged victim: "Yes."

Marshall Hodgkins: "I'm talking about in the room at Dublin. You were scared of him of him at that point and time?"

Alleged victim: "Yes."

Marshall Hodgkins: "But when you later discussed this with the police, you didn't tell them that he picked up his gun and said he was going to blow out his brains, did you?"

Alleged victim: "No, I did not."

The woman, who took pictures documenting the violent relationship, did not become emotional, even when she was under fire Tuesday. Hodgkins accused the witness of going down rabbit trails several times during her testimony.

Before they broke up, the alleged victim also admitted to looking through police reports and evidence given to Pennington by his attorney, as they built their case.

During cross examination jurors appeared to take more notes than usual.

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