Finishing touches being put on Bitwise Industries headquarters building

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The finishing touches are being placed on Bitwise's newest and largest building yet.

The 100,000 square-foot State center warehouse building has sat vacant for decades.

Soon, the Downtown Fresno staple will house Bitwise Industries headquarters.

Bitwise Vice President Thilani Grubel says, "Part of what we do is we get these buildings that have been sitting stagnant for decades and we breathe new life into them, but still maintain these pillars. We still maintain some of what came before us."

The nod to the past can be seen in the detail like the exposed brick throughout the building and elevator shaft you can see at the end of the main entrance.

Grubel says, "We don't want to come in, just take over and remove the past. This is who we are, this is who Fresno is. This is what we've been and we're going to honor that in keeping some of these elements."

Workspace sizes vary depending on a tenant's needs.

"We have a co-work, a desk hotel and different size offices so that as your company grows, you can grow with us if you choose to," said Grubel.

Once construction is complete, the marketplace portion of the building will host five restaurants and eateries that you can enjoy.

Thilani says, "While we're waiting for that, we have cafes at Bitwise 41 and Bitwise South Stadium that are open now and you can grab coffee, tea or lunch."

While this is Bitwise's 4th Fresno location, it also has buildings in Merced, Bakersfield, Oakland and Toledo.

Grubel says, "We get to build these spaces that the community can see themselves in. We also train them so they can have skills to get jobs in this tech industry."

After painting is complete and local muralists put their flair on the building, Bitwise is hoping to have headquarters up and running by Spring of 2022.
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