Cake Trends: Fresno baker makes ideas a reality

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- These days, bakeries are going above and beyond to make people's social media ideas become reality.

Delicious drops of buttercream frosting are being set onto one of Frosted Cakery's creations called a cookie stack.

"They can be anything. Sometimes we put truffle in the middle or cream cheese or fresh flowers and candies and fresh fruit, but they're fun," said Beverly Gable, Frosted Cakery

The cookie stacks have been popular for Moms or for weddings, as a fun monogram treat. Beverly Gable is the owner of Frosted Cakery, where frosting is their game.

The bakery is always seeing new trends emerge. Gable says cakes with flowers and greenery are very popular.

"Half the time its greenery. It's almost a style of its own."

The second generation baker uses frosting and food coloring to make art.

"We do a lot of gold leaf. We do a lot of painting gold," Gable said.

While they do a lot of wedding cakes, they have one trend that's been constant for the past two years.
"We do unicorn's every day of some sort. Whether it be a jumbo cupcake or cookie or a cake," Gable said.

Gable says social media helps influence customers.

"People come in and they have a storyboard. They have all these things that they've found on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook all of their social media," Gable said.

A challenge they gladly take on, "but you never know what the next trend is going to be."

Art that's showcased in an edible form and crafted in Fresno.

While the design and greenery are what attract many customers. Bakers say in the end, it's really all about the taste.
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