Dozens of Dinuba families have a safe and affordable place to call home thanks to Self-Help Enterprises

DINUBA, Calif. (KFSN) -- After three long years, the first phase of Sierra Village apartments is now a place for families to call home.

Stephanie Sandoval, a resident of the apartments, said, "I love the area. It's the perfect place to raise a baby and it just feels so safe and we've enjoyed it so far."

Sandoval and her family have lived in the apartments for about a month now. They moved into a two-bedroom unit at Sierra Village from a studio in Reedley.

"It's below $600. We are paying about the same amount here for a two bedroom, the kitchen, a big bathroom, a dishwasher, so it is below $600 and really worth where we are staying at," said Jarrett Sandoval, resident.

While moving to a new apartment might not seem like much for others, for the Sandoval family, this meant a new start.

"We are just so blessed. It's a miracle and every day we are happy and we are shocked it's ours still," said Stephanie.

The complex has a community center with a large activity room, computer lab, and laundry area. It's is funded through several partnerships, including Cap-and-Trade funds. It has 44 units with solar panels reducing utility bills.

Tom Collishaw of Self-Help Enterprises said, "It's a great place because we are providing after-school programs. We are providing other services and transportation opportunities for people."

And soon they will be expanding to the property and adding more units.

"There will be additional green space and a play area, including a basketball court that will be all connected and feel like one project," said Collishaw.

They expect to break ground on the second phase next year.
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