Fresno Police caught the suspect accused in a burglary spree targeting family pets more than a year ago

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The dog bowls are empty at this Caruthers home. Ailani's been gone for 15 months now. (KFSN)

The dog bowls are empty at a Caruthers home. Ailani's been gone for 15 months now. The family's hopes have come up empty too, as every possible lead pointed to a dead end.

"Tips coming in that don't pan out. You know, 'We think we saw your dog in this park.' So we scope out this park for days seeing if she'll show up there again. So, it's been a roller coaster," said Obel.

"We've always been hopeful, but as time goes on, the chances of getting her back, we know are less and less," said Obel.

But their last best chance at getting their dog back relies on Daniel Fonseca Barroso.

I uncovered a warrant showing Fresno County Sheriff's investigators always believed he took Ailani, and a couple weeks later he took one named Jax during another burglary

The warrant says Barroso tried to give Jax to his son, but his ex-wife and her family returned the dog instead and detectives also uncovered a text message exchange between Barroso and another man.

Barroso told the other guy "the job came out on the news." He disappeared after that until last week when Fresno Police arrested him for domestic violence.

"Now we just hope he'll tell somebody what he did with Ailani, that's the biggest. The biggest concern is where she is," said Obel.
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