Fresno police investigating 3 separate shootings within 12 hours

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno police are investigating three shootings that all happened in less than 12 hours on Monday.

The first was around noon at Illinois and Effie in Central Fresno.

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The second happened just before 8:30 Monday night at Clinton and Clovis in East Central Fresno.

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The third was just an hour and a half later at Recreation and Liberty in Southeast Fresno.

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All three of those shootings ended with people injured.

On Tuesday, one of the victims from the drive-by shooting in Central Fresno just got home from the hospital when Action News arrived.

Gloria White's neighborhood in Southeast Fresno is one of three where shots rang out on Monday, leaving a 20-year-old man wounded and a suspect on the run.

On Tuesday, a grandmother who lives in Southeast Fresno said she's trying to stay safe.

She has lived here with her husband for 51 years and is the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchdog.

White often sits on her porch and prays for her family and community.

She's concerned some neighbors have become immune to the violence that surrounds them but says she takes extra precautions.

"I usually stay behind this fence, lock up early at night," she said. "I usually lock up about 7-8 pm and I just stay and mind my own business, and I pray that they will stop whatever is going on."

Less than two hours before the shooting in White's neighborhood, a man was shot in the head near Clinton and Clovis in east central Fresno. He was rushed to the hospital and doctors worried he would not recover.

Earlier in the day, two people were hit by gunfire at Illinois and Effie in Central Fresno, including Jovan Beard.

"Thankful to be right here still breathing and getting another chance," he said.

His wounds were still bandaged when we spoke with him.

"They shot me through my hand twice and through my wrist, and I just ran through the alley right there all the way to the hospital," he said.

Bullet holes can also be seen in the walls of his complex -- leaving a lasting memory of the violence.

Beard shared a warning with parents.

"They got a good reason to worry," he said. "Keep your kids indoors. Don't let kids go to school and kick it with anybody that grow up to gang bang - mess around and end up like me."

Fresno Police say there are 219 shootings so far this year compared to 139 during this same period last year.

A spokesperson for the department says they are aligning personnel to be out on the street around the times when more shootings tend to occur.
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