Fresno State police chief David Huerta has died

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Action News has learned Fresno State police chief David Huerta has passed away.

A press release from the university says the 68-year-old died at UCSF Friday, surrounded by his family and close friends.

"We loved him, and we are going to miss him," said President Dr. Joseph Castro.

Huerta had been with the police department for 15 years.

"He was a good friend. A great colleague and someone who had unwavering integrity," Castro said.

Chief Huerta had been hospitalized since last year after a lung transplant.

"Chief Huerta was always focused on the best interest of our university and the safety of everybody," Castro said. "It didn't matter what the situation was or the event. I always remember him being so honest and forthright."

Castro said Huerta was someone he admired. Huerta graduated from Fresno State, earning his master's degree in criminology in 1992.

He taught criminology courses at Fresno State as well as National University.

Before joining the Fresno State Police Department, Huerta was with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office for 30 years where he was honored for his time with SWAT and also awarded Officer of the Year from the American Legion.

Castro said Huerta left big shoes to fill, "He's got a great team, that's one of his legacies. He created very strong team, and I know that they are focused on honoring his memory through their service, continued service to the university. I'm proud to work with them."

Castro ordered flags on campus to be at half-staff the day of Huerta's memorial service.
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