Workout Wednesday: Viewer questions

One of our viewers wants to know the best way to flatten the stomach. The best way to work on your stomach is your diet. You want to think of how many calories you burn doing your daily exercise routine, which is about 300 to 400 calories.

If you cut out a cost, a Latte that is about 500 calories a glass of wine is around 250 calories. The key is reducing your calories and increase your crunches.

Ball crunch to work on a flat stomach

The next question: Can I build muscle at my age

Yes, you can tighten and tone. As we get older we reduce the hormone to gain muscle but you can defiantly improve your muscle.

I try and keep the muscle working at different angles to keep the muscle fired up. Here are a couple ways to keep your chest firm and fit. Incline Chest Press and Incline Chest Fly.
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