Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer lays out timeline of Fresno shooting spree

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FULL VIDEO | Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer press conference on Central Fresno triple homicide

"Kori Muhammad is not a terrorist, but he is a racist." - Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.
Below is the timeline of the shooting that occurred in Downtown Fresno on April 19th as recounted by police in a news conference held Wednesday afternoon:

- April 13th Kori Muhammad goes to Motel 6 to meet a female, made contact with security who asks him to leave, wants his money back, female gets into altercation with unarmed security guard Carl Williams. Muhammad said he then shot Williams after he felt 'disrespected'.

- Muhammad then ran, climbed onto roof of the nearby 7/11 and hid out through the night.

- The next morning Muhammad left the 7/11 and hide out by a dumpster at a nearby high school.

- Muhammad then took a city bus to Milburn and Herndon area where he hid in a ravine from Friday to Sunday. He described practicing voodoo rituals there.

- Sunday Muhammad walked west to and area where he cut off his braids, burned them, then slept in that area until Tuesday.

- Tuesday morning Muhammad walked to a business to purchase crystal for voodoo ritual and discovered it was closed.

- Muhammad then went to a Starbucks and accessed wi-fi where he learned he was a suspect in the murder of the security guard at Motel 6.

- Muhammad told police he then decided he wasn't going to go down for killing a security guard who disrespected him but instead taking out as many white men as he could.

- 10:43 a.m. Shot Spotter registered first shots in the area of Van Ness where Muhammad approached a parked PG&E truck and noticed the passenger was a white male, open fired. First victim, Zackary Randalls, is struck and later dies.

- Muhammad then walked south on Van Ness and then west on Mildreda, saw a white male walking out of his shot twice at him, the man fell to the ground. Muhammad then reloaded his gun. The man was not struck, got up and ran back into his house.

- Muhammad continued west on Mildreda, saw a car parked and saw two individuals inside the car, the car started to drive away, Muhammad fired one round at the car, he then noticed they were two Hispanic females, he then stopped firing at the car.

- Muhammad then went to an alley between Fulton and Van Ness, dumped shell casing.

- Muhammad continued west on Mildreda where he saw a man, fired twice and hit the victim. Victim was hit once in the chest, fell to the ground and landed on his back, Muhammad stood over him and fired two rounds into the victim later identified as Mark Gassett.

- Muhammad then saw three white males at the bus stop on Fulton Street, fired one round in their direction, unloaded his gun, reloaded, saw two of them men run south, caught up with one of the men in the Catholic Charities parking lot, then fired two rounds into the victim killing him. Victim later identified as David Jackson.

- Muhammad ran south on Fulton with his gun warapped in clothing, set it down in the area of Fulton and Voorman, A Hispanic male approaches him carrying a box of food, they have a brief discussion, the man walks over to where the gun was, sets the box down, picks up the gun and runs west on Voorman.

- Hispanic man runs in a north western direction on Yosemite, hops a fence and empties the gun into a backyard of a house, continues north from the area.

- Muhammad ran south on Fulton to Divisadero, saw a police car, dropped two objects, did not continue to flee and was arrested by the officer.

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