Fresno City Council considering new ordinance that would allow marijuana cultivation in city limits

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno City Council is getting ready to discuss a number of topics on the agenda Thursday. Among them, their own pay raises and a new marijuana ordinance.

The ordinance would allow medicinal marijuana dispensers and other cannabis-related businesses to operate in the city.

The city has already voted to ban recreational marijuana sales, but they will discuss a zoning ordinance that will ultimately allow businesses to cultivate cannabis products within city limits.

This comes weeks before Proposition 64 goes into effect which allows for the legalization of recreational marijuana. But it is also up to local jurisdictions to prohibit or regulate the cannabis industry.

In Fresno, under the proposed ordinance, medicinal marijuana would be legal. Businesses would also be allowed to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute cannabis-related products.

A business that provides cannabis education and promotes the legal cultivation of medical marijuana, 420 College, has been going around the state helping entrepreneurs who want to get into the cannabis industry. They are hopeful about Fresno's latest proposed ordinance.

"I'll tell you this, medical, there's a need for it," said George ---, of 420 College. "Those are the patients who are always forgotten. Those people who are actually in need."

Under the new proposal, businesses would also be allowed to start the application process for a temporary marijuana business permit while the zoning ordinance is being considered.

Some council members believe this is a step in the right direction, possibly a direction to reverse the city's ban on recreation sales.
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