The calm before the storm at retailers in the Valley as they prep for Black Friday

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Boxes and boxes of toys are heading out onto the shelves at Toys-R-Us in Clovis. Time is ticking before the start of Black Friday.

"Today it's just all about replenishing and putting as much Black Friday product out on the floor as possible to make it as available as we can go our customers and avoid having to go back and forth looking for items," said Nick Vaca, store manager.

Vaca said it will be all hands on deck come this Thanksgiving day at 5:00 p.m. when the doors open. The store will keep the deals going for 30 hours straight.

"I'd say we have two Super Bowls. This is your big one out of the gates and potentially for us as a store perspective, dictate how well your Christmas is going to be and how strong your team is."

Vaca has already come up with a game plan for his 50 store employees and they have gone over their strategy to deal with Black Friday morning, starting with the crowds.

"I have team members coming in at Three, four o'clock addressing the crowd and letting them know where we have certain products. It's a little more contained they know where to go."

Vaca said employees will each be assigned to certain sections or jobs in the store, so they can keep those toys on the floor.

"We also have a replenishment team that are strictly there to pull from the back and take to the floor. We have other team members who are strictly in the back."

Employees hope their strategy will pay off in the form of big customer purchases this Christmas holiday.
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