Workout Wednesday: Reducing stress while working out

Crushing it with weights doesn't cut it when you are stressed to the Max. The way to reduce stress is lengthen the muscle and take it slow-- maybe add some soft music to set a mood of relaxation.

The first exercise I want to show you is a chest stretch with light weights. Laying on your back on a bench or large exercise ball, slowly release arms straight out to your sides and hold. Feel the stretch through the upper chest. Slowly bring arms back together in front of you. This works your range of motion.

The next exercise is a shoulder stretch. Standing, you want to stretch the arm straight up and then bend sideways at your hip to get a full stretch through your shoulder and hips. Repeat on the opposite side. The weight needs to be light so you can focus on form and technique.

The last exercise is a hip flexor stretch. If you have never done this you want to take it very slow and controlled. Lay on your stomach and slowly bend one leg so that you are bringing your heal toward your buttocks.

Remember to never force your stretch and always workout at your own level.
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