3 Fresno area taco trucks hit by armed robber in 1 night

'It was ugly, he showed me his gun'

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Sunday, April 3, 2022
3 Fresno area taco trucks robbed within hours, 1 arrested
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After a chase through Fresno and Clovis, police have arrested a man they believe robbed at least three taco truck robberies on Saturday night.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police have made an arrest connected to at least three taco truck robberies that happened on Saturday night.

The man they say is responsible led Fresno and Clovis police officers on a chase that went through both cities.

Fresno police officers responded to a Shotspotter activation on Fresno and Olive around 5:30 on Saturday night.

They were flagged down by someone working in a taco truck, who said they had been robbed.

Officers saw bullet holes in the truck and started searching for the shooter.

A short time later, a K-9 officer saw a car matching the description of the suspect vehicle.

When they tried to pull him over, the driver sped off.

"This individual was driving dangerously and recklessly and... may be involved in a series of robberies in Fresno," said Fresno Police Lt. Brian Valles.

Juanita Lopez, whose family owns the taco truck, recalled her harrowing experience: "It was ugly, he showed me his gun, I didn't think he was going to use it."

During the pursuit, officers received additional reports that the suspect had been involved in a separate taco truck robbery at Cedar and Thomas and possibly a third in Fresno County.

Investigators say the suspect was driving so erratically that he eventually disabled his vehicle by crashing into curbs.

The chase came to an end on Norwich and Claremont in Clovis.

Officers deployed K-9s and made an arrest.

Police say no injuries were reported.