World Ag Expo top 10 products includes three-time winner

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- More than 1,400 exhibitors are making last-minute preparations for the 52nd Annual World Ag Expo in Tulare.

That includes those companies with a Top 10 New Product.

JJ Dagorret and his company Automated Ag Systems have hit another home run with their new product.

Or maybe it's a touchdown.

Because for Dagorret, the World Ag Expo is the Super Bowl of the agriculture industry.

And his Cyclone vacuum harvest assist machine was named one of the show's top ten new products.

It just gets dropped in, and then it comes out down here

It's simple-pickers place fruit in a padded bucket.

The fruit is sucked through a tube, and ultimately it ends up in a bin taking bags, and the process of emptying them, out of the equation.

"Instead of those guys holding a bag all day, it's just a wrench on your back, all they have is this tube, and it's always empty, so they're never holding any fruit," said Dagorret.

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Aside from saving workers' backs, he says the system saves time and reduces the chance of bruising on the fruit.

The Cyclone is his third top ten product at the show.

This year, more than 70 products were judged by a panel.

"They are people that understand this market and can speak to whether or not this is an innovation, it's affordable, would be used, all the things farmers need to know to make sure it's vetted," said World Ag Expo Marketing Manager Jennifer Fawkes. .

"I think there's some pretty smart people behind it because they notice I think right away things that are benefitting the industry and the people and that's kind of where we're at," Dagorret said. "We're always looking for something to not so much cut a corner but to make it easier and better."

The top ten products will be recognized at Tuesday's opening ceremonies.

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