More Valley physicians now offering in office cosmetic procedures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kyli Aluisi has to make a mad face for just a few seconds before getting a shot of Botox but that frown won't last for long.

She is actually all smiles as she gets a cosmetic treatment at her doctor's office.

The convenience of a one-stop-shop fits in well with the busy life of this Fresno wife and mother.

"The last couple of years as I've gotten into my 30's. I've just noticed little things that," said patient Ayli Aluisi.

Kyli is a patient of Fresno OB-GYN Dr. Stewart Mason.

When Dr. Mason and his medical partners opened an aesthetics office as part of their practice, patients like Kyli did not have to wonder who to turn to, for a beauty boost.

"You trust your doctor. Your doctor has delivered your children, has been with you through thick and thin and so they're the ones to tell you, who's the right one to go to, who would you send your daughter to, your mom to, your wife to and so it blossomed from there," said OBGYN & Aesthetics Dr. Stewart.

Dr. Mason says his patients were asking for his recommendations for cosmetic treatment providers so often, he decided to become one to expand services and convenience.

Patients at Central Valley Women's Health Associates are steps away from aesthetic services. Part of the office on Palm Avenue serves as the gynecology practice while the other part offers cosmetic treatments. Patients can even make back-to-back medical and cosmetic appointments.

A full menu of treatments is offered but since it's not the main focus of the practice, there is no high-pressure push of products.

Dr. Mason says it is an approach to aesthetics that's more patient-minded.

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Kim Jorgensen looks forward to her facials at an aesthetics office with a well-known name.

"All people are beautiful. So our goal is just to if somebody has something that they think they need to touch on or work on, yeah, whatever makes you feel better. But I don't think there's a need or a business model that has to drive somebody that you have to have something, you need something because that's just really not what we're in it for," said Dr. Mason.

That is the same approach at Saint Agnes Medical Center aesthetics. The hospital renowned for cutting-edge medicine now has a place for pampering.

"It parallels the SAMC mission to heal body mind and spirit," said SAMC Foundation Practice Director Sonya Romero.

Saint Agnes foundation practice director, Sonya Romero, says the cosmetics office was a natural fit for the hospital.

Patients of Saint Agnes care OB-GYN's who deliver their babies at the hospital, get a gift certificate for a service at the aesthetics office. It's had an overwhelming response from tired moms who love the luxurious break.

"A little more warm and welcoming not so intimidating. It's just like going to your doctor," said Nurse Practitioner Jeannie Buhler.

Buhler says patients appreciate the care and comfort of familiar faces from the hospital, in the cosmetics office.

"We all age but we can age gracefully and it doesn't mean you have to have a plastic frozen look. It just means that we help you take care of the outer just like you would take care of the inner," said Buhler.

From fillers to facials more people are making an appointment to feel and look better at their doctor's office.
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