Tech company brings Bitcoin ATMs to Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- What some might call the future of currency is sitting in the corner of this CellPros shop in Northwest Fresno on Ashlan Avenue, a Bitcoin ATM.

"All you need is just an ID, four quick taps on the screen, less than 60 seconds and you can own cryptocurrency," said Coinme director of marketing Dom Garrett.

It all starts with your ID, which goes in the ATM, and a profile is created, which acts as a virtual wallet.

"You don't have to put in your password, you don't have to put in any usernames, it's all right here in your ID," said Garrett.

You put in your money and congratulations; you now own some Bitcoin. That currency can be used to make purchases at certain online shops, or you can use it as an investment.

"You can just save bit by bit and be able to throw 20 bucks in at a time and watch it grow," said Garrett.

Tech company Coinme has nearly 50 of these across the U.S., two of those are in Fresno. Garrett said they added the second machine last month because of increased interest. The first ATM was put in the Tower District last September, in the CellPros on Olive Avenue.

"And over the last couple of months it has become one of our top performing machines," said Garrett.

Right now you can only buy Bitcoin on the ATM, but Garrett said in the weeks to come, people will be able to exchange their cryptocurrency for cash.
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