Fresno father, son plead not guilty to murdering their own family member

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Friday, July 29, 2022
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On Thursday, 40-year-old Gerardo Zurita and 19-year-old Leobardo Zurita pleaded not guilty to the murder of two people in central Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A father and son are charged with murder after killing a member of their own family and another man.

21-year-old Stacy Zurita and 25-year-old Raul Jose Roberto Nunez were gunned down in a drive-by shooting less than three weeks ago in central Fresno.

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On Thursday, Nunez's family was in court

His two sisters were heartbroken.

"I'm fighting as hard as I can, and I'm going to fight until I can't fight anymore. I'm going to fight until my brother gets the justice he deserves," said Virginia Nunez.

Virginia Nunez and her sister Leandra Rubio are sad and angry over the killing of their brother - 25-year-old Raul Jose Roberto Nunez - who also went by Bobby.

They described him as the glue of the family.

"What I would do for him to call me, what I would do to have a hug, what I would do to hear his voice one more time...," said Virginia.

Earlier this month, Bobby was shot and killed at a family party.

His girlfriend Stacy Zurita was also shot, she did not survive.

Family members say Bobby tried to protect his girlfriend.

"My brother has always been the hero. He's always been the hero, and it sucks because that's what took his life," said Leandra.

In court today, the two gunman appeared in court.

They are father and son, 40-year-old Gerardo Zurita and 19-year-old Leobardo Zurita.

Both pleaded not guilty on murder charges.

"How could you take my brother's life and your little sister's and you're going to plead not guilty still?" said Leandra.

The attorney for the son says his client could be eligible for the death penalty, if convicted.

"Being a part of a drive-by and also multiple murder - those are the circumstances if found true could expose him to the death penalty or life without parole," said defense attorney Ralph Torres.

The father and son will be back in court on Sept 29th for their preliminary hearing.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Bobby's funeral expenses and all of the unforeseen costs after this tragedy.